The Best Batteries For Solar Storage

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If you’re considering a solar installation for your home, you may be wondering how solar electricity can power your home at night or during power outages and severe weather conditions. With Pink Energy’s premium solar panels, you could generate enough solar electricity during peak sunlight hours to be stored and used later. Including a solar battery in your solar installation can help ensure you have power when you need it most.3 Let’s discuss how solar batteries can maximize your solar system’s potential to meet your home’s energy needs.

What Is A Solar Backup Battery?

A solar backup battery offers solar customers the opportunity to store excess electricity generated by their solar panels. When connected to a solar panel system, the battery can potentially help homeowners reduce their grid dependency by powering portions of their homes during a power outage.3 Simply put, solar batteries can help you own your power onsite.

Beyond owning a lifeline during power outages, homeowners with a backup battery supply of stored solar electricity could potentially see a reduction in their monthly electric bills.4 By tapping into their solar battery’s supply at night rather than relying on grid power, they can limit the amount of grid power needed to meet their home’s energy requirements and extend their solar savings.

How to Select a Solar Backup Battery

When determining which solar backup battery is best for your home, there are a few factors to consider, including:

Your Pink Energy installation expert can help you determine how a solar backup battery can meet your home’s energy needs. Let’s explore the Pink Energy backup battery, designed to help you maximize your Pink Energy solar system’s performance. 

The Pink Energy Backup Battery

The Pink Energy battery has four modes designed to meet varying home energy demands. You can alternate between modes depending on how you prefer to store your solar electricity and use it to power your home.

  1. Self-supply mode: This mode directs excess solar output from your solar panels to the Pink Energy battery. You can tap into this supply at your discretion. When the battery reaches 100% capacity, further excess solar electricity is sent back to the power grid. 
  2. Clean backup mode: Rather than using your solar energy supply to power your home on a day-to-day basis, you may want to store it in preparation for a potential grid failure. The clean backup mode sends all the solar electricity your solar panels produce directly to the Pink Energy battery in order to keep the battery at 100% capacity, ready to be tapped during a power outage.
  3. Priority backup mode: This mode allows you to supplement your stored solar electricity with grid power in order to keep your Pink Energy battery supply at 100% capacity.
  4. Grid mode: Your Pink Energy battery can be filled entirely using grid power. Grid mode is useful when your backup battery is not connected to your solar panel system.

Contact A Pink Energy Expert About Going Solar

With Pink Energy’s premium solar panels, you can reduce your carbon footprint and potentially save thousands in electric costs over the lifespan of your solar panel system.4 To learn more about helping your solar power go further with a solar backup battery, contact your local Pink Energy team of experts for a free quote and consultation today!