How Many Solar Panels Do You Need For Your Detroit Home?

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The number of solar panels that your home will need to meet your energy goals will vary based on a number of factors. Although there are ways on your own that you can estimate the amount of panels you will need, a professional’s opinion is an invaluable resource when it comes to ensuring that your solar system is reliable. 

To understand what goes into the solar panel sizing estimates, we’ve compiled a list of contributing points below. 

Your Home’s Current Electricity Consumption

One of the main things that determine the size of your solar panel system is the amount of electricity your home currently uses. A home that uses less energy will naturally need fewer solar panels to produce enough energy to reach your energy goal. On the other hand, if you use more energy, you’ll need more solar panels to cover your energy needs. 

If you’re considering a solar panel system, it is recommended to reduce your overall current consumption prior to installation. Fortunately, Pink Energy offers a SMARTPWR360OTM package designed to potentially reduce your home’s baseline energy usage by up to 25 percent7. These items include light bulbs, water conservation products and blown insulation, among others.

Your Home’s Sunlight And Shade Levels

A home that receives full sunshine all day long with no tree cover will generate more solar production than a similar home with partial shade. This doesn’t mean that solar only works if your home never has any shaded areas. Rather, it’s a consideration to take into account as a solar professional evaluates the number of solar panels that you will need to produce adequate amounts of power. 

Your Roof Size And Architecture

Ideally, solar panel systems face south, east or west to capture the most amounts of sunlight possible. While south is the best, east- and west-facing roofs also gather adequate sunlight, but you may need additional panels to meet your energy goals. If your solar panels need to go on multiple roof surfaces instead of just one, we can accommodate that too! Our team has plenty of ways to customize solar panels for your unique home.

Get A Solar Estimate From Your Local Solar Experts

The bottom line is that without the input and expertise of a solar professional, it’s difficult to estimate the number of solar panels that will work for your home. Fortunately, Pink Energy has a full team of locally-based solar professionals who are more than capable of evaluating your home and developing a solar solution that will work for you. Contact us today for a free quote!