Are Solar Panels Waterproof?

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Your solar panels are designed to be waterproof since they will inevitably face the elements! They need to stand up to rain, snow and wind without breaking down. Otherwise, their lifespan would be dramatically reduced. But there is a distinct difference between your solar panels being weatherproof and waterproof. So here’s what you need to know about the difference and how that applies to your solar panels.

Are Solar Panels Waterproof?

Yes, solar panels are manufactured to be waterproof. Because solar panels need to exist outdoors, it’s standard that they are manufactured to withstand rain or snow. However, that doesn’t mean that your panels can’t be damaged by water.

The most vulnerable part of your solar panel system is the wiring and electronics that make your system tick. That’s why solar panels are constructed to protect the more delicate electronic components. Your panels have a thick protective glass layer on the front of them and a protective shield on the back. Both of these components help keep water out and the electronics dry and functioning.

However, as an added prevention against water damage, it’s vital that your solar panels are designed with high-quality components and properly installed.

Are Solar Panels Weatherproof?

Solar panels are not completely weatherproof, but they are designed to be weather resistant. Over the course of their lifetime, which can be 25 years or more, solar panels need to withstand storms and debris. The main method of weatherproofing your solar panel system comes when they are being installed. When you hire professionals to install your panels, they attach them to metal racks that keep them secured from most winds and storms. In addition, the glass on the front of the panels is designed to withstand most hail.

There are no guarantees since storms can be unpredictable. But at the very least, you can feel assured that your solar panels should withstand the majority of weather conditions.

How To Check On Your Solar Panels After A Storm

If you have a major weather event or storm, check your production via the app connected to your system, or check the inverter to confirm that your panels are producing as they should. If something is amiss, call a professional. You won’t want to go crawling around on the roof on your own, as you could damage the panels or get injured! Play it safe and let an experienced solar installer check your system.

Find Solar Panel Installation Experts Near You

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