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Installer And Crew Did A Great Job
Our installer and his crew did a great job. They are just finishing up our install. I can’t wait till they are fully functional after city inspection. We will be able to generate about 80% of our power from solar.
– Bruce – Detroit, MI
Professional, Friendly And Efficient
We are very pleased with all of our interactions with Pink Energy personnel. Everyone is very professional, friendly and efficient. We are very happy we have Pink Energy at our house.
– Dan N.
Entire Process Was Super Easy
The entire process was super easy! All we had to do was sign on the line and get ready to save money. Pink Energy took care of all the paperwork and permits which is my least favorite part. The team that came to install was efficient and fast! I can’t believe how simple it was! My neighbors are already coming over to ask about them! I couldn’t be happier!
– Lisa T. – Detroit, MI
Would Definitely Recommend
Our contact and his crew did an amazing job. 103 heat I expect and they knocked out 25 panels plus the battery backup system in a little over 6 hours. Everything looks super clean and they were able to work with me on a special request I had. At the end of the install, our contact even took the time to walk me through everything, how it works and answer my questions. Friendly, good folk. Would definitely recommend them.
– JJ – Detroit, MI
Fast, Clean and Exact Work
The installation team was great. Fast, clean and exact work! They explained to me how everything works. Can’t wait for my first solar electricity bill!
– Christopher L. – Detroit, MI
Gets The Job Done Right
Went very well, enjoyed their professional attitude and work. Would recommend Pink Energy to anyone that would like a professional team that works together to get the job done right. Thanks, Pink Energy!
– Brian B. – Detroit, MI
So Excited To Own My Electricity
I am so excited to own my electricity! The crew that came out was beyond amazing! All very kind and took time to explain how everything worked. I highly recommend investing in solar and not paying a company for the rest of your life. Have control over your power, no more power outages for me! Thanks so much, Pink Energy!
– Edward I.